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PETROL - Pump price
Date Coastal Inland
95 EPU/LRP Change 93 EPU/LRP Change 95 EPU* Change
02-Apr-14 R 13.98 53c R 14.16 55c R 14.39 57c
05-Mar-14 R 13.95 536c R 14.11 536c R 14.32 536c
05-Feb-14 R 13.59 539c R 13.75 538c R 13.96 538c
01-Jan-14 R 13.20 538c R 13.36 538c R 13.57 538c
DIESEL - List price
Date Coastal Inland
0.05% Sulphur 0.005% Sulphur 0.05% Sulphur 0.005% Sulphur
02-Apr-14 1299.15c 1304.55c 1329.75c 1335.15c
05-Mar-14 1311.95c 1316.35c 1338.55c 1342.95c
05-Feb-14 1284.75c 1288.15c 1311.35c 1314.75c
01-Jan-14 1260.55c 1263.95c 1287.15c 1290.55c
All prices indicated are per litre.
These tables are a guideline and are not representative of all the zones in South Africa.
  COASTAL: This table represents the large coastal ports
  INLAND: This table represents the major Gauteng area
Price changes are due to movement in crude oil prices, international product prices and the rand/dollar exchange rates.


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