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Right-Side Up was formed and designed to deliver a unique solution whilst still maintaining a competitive rate structure. This contradictory paradigm lends itself to a degree of creative thinking that sometimes, if we really work hard at it, results in a completely new approach to the problem, which not only simplifies the process but presents the client with options previously unthought-of.

We achieve this objective through meticulously interviewing the process. A great deal of focus is placed on how the process is operated in its existing format, what is important to the customer in the day to day running of the freight and understanding the "WHY" in the way that deliveries are conducted. By doing this, Right-Side Up is able to switch off the autopilot syndrome, put people back in the driving seat and get down to the core factors that make a difference.

For too long now, transport companies have focused only on the movement of freight and not on the importance of each individual delivery. The customer has become a name in the debtor's book and interpersonal relationships, the crux of business, have been pushed aside. Right-side Up has moved the focus back onto the customer and this is one of the key differentiators that separates us, in what has become an over-traded market.

Most transport companies have firm operational structures, designed to provide the maximum benefit to their business. Obviously, this is a good business practice for the transport company but in most cases it isn't the best practice for their clients. Our business is positioned to fill the spaces that traditional rigid transport systems are unable to fulfil. Imagine a jar of large stones. The stones represent the existing transport companies, each with their own space. Right-side up focuses on the spaces in-between. We would be the water filling the jar, linking the stones into a common system of service.

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